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Name Title Location Email
Baldwin, Thomas Associate Professor, UVDL 102 tom.baldwin@usu.edu
Benninghoff, Abby D. Assistant Professor AGRS 246 abby.benninghoff@usu.edu
Bunch, Tom Emeritus Professor AGRS 207 tom.bunch@usu.edu
Cockett, Noelle Professor AGRS 431 /Biotechnology Center 311
Davies, Chris Research Associate Professor, AGRS 247 chris.davies@usu.edu
Eun, Jong-Su Assistant Professor AGRS 237 jseun@usu.edu
Frame, David Associate Professor, Ephraim david.frame@usu.edu
Gillespie, Briedi Professional Practice Associate Professor VSB 205 briedi.gillespie@usu.edu
Gowen, Brian Research Assistant Professor VSB 207 brian.gowen@usu.edu
Hall, Jeffery Professor UVDL 105 jeffery.hall@usu.edu
Meyer, Ralph Associate Professor CIB 211 ralph.meyer@usu.edu
Meyer-Ficca, Mirella Research Assistant Professor CIB 311 mirella.meyer@usu.edu
Olsen, Aaron Clinical Assistant Professor Vet Science 211 aaron.olsen@usu.edu
Price, David Prof Practice Assistant Professor/Director of Equine Center AGRS 250 & ATRC david.price@usu.edu
Rickords, Lee Associate Department Head AGRS 241 lee.rickords@usu.edu
Rigas, Johanna Assistant Professor UVDL 101 johanna.rigas@usu.edu
Rood, Kerry Associate Professor AGRS 239 kerry.rood@usu.edu
Rutigliano, Heloisa Research Assistant Professor AGRS 233 heloisa.rutiglano@usu.edu
Stott, Rusty Clinical Assistant Professor AGRS 250 and ATRC rusty.stott@usu.edu
Tarbet, Bart Research Assistant Professor VSB 201 bart.tarbet@usu.edu
Van Wettere, Arnaud Assistant Professor UVDL 111 arnaud.vanwettere@usu.edu
Vanderwall, Dirk Department Head / Associate Dean of School of Veterinarian Medicine 248A dirk.vanderwall@usu.edu
White, Kenneth L. Dean of College of Agriculture & Applied Sciences, Vice President for Extension, AGRS 431 ken.white@usu.edu
Wilson, David Assistant Professor UVDL 109 & VSB 203 david.wilson@usu.edu