What Classifies as a Club?

A club or organization is a group of students who share a common interest and have gone through the formal approval process of organizing themselves through the Office of Student Services (OSS). Only currently chartered clubs and organizations have the privilege to use university facilities and equipment, and are granted access provided by the Office of Student Services to support features such as the College calendar, website, and email list serves. Clubs and organizations should be formed for the purpose of social, educational, and leadership development. Clubs and organizations have a role in the enhancement of a student’s personal and professional growth. Read USU's club definitions.

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Active Clubs

Students of the American Veterinary Medical Association - SAVMA

The group raises (and expends) funds to support its fellow members through opportunities to increase their educational experiences: with offsite events, guest speakers, etc. Raises significant funds through the SCAVMA Bookstore run by students.

Integrative Veterinary Medicine Club - IVM

This club surrounds all aspects of holistic veterinary medicine including: Chiropractic, Chinese medicine (herbal therapy, acupuncture, fodd therapy) alternative diets, laser treatments, massage therapy, hydrotherapy and physical therapy. Members participate in fun activities such as lectures, labs and trips surrounding alternative (complimentary) therapies.

One Health Club

The purpose of the OHC shall be to provide current veterinary students attending USU’s College of Veterinary Medicine interested in one health and/or veterinary public health an opportunity to learn more about these areas. We seek to provide students with hands-on opportunities and contacts with veterinarians currently in the profession.

Veterinary Law and Ethics Club - VLE

The purpose of this club is educating veterinary students about the legal and ethical jargon, dilemmas, responsibilities and expectations within the field of veterinary medicine. With the goal of producing well-informed and well-equipped veterinarians that upon graduation can interpret the law and make sound ethical and legal decisions in their careers.

Ag Animal & Theriogenology (AKA Large Animal)

What is traditionally two clubs elsewhere is consolidated into one club at USU. The club is directed towards those interested in working with animals associated with agriculture practices. The emphasis on theriogenology will focus on advancing our knowledge and experience base on reproduction in animals. Due to the more readily available resources at hand, this will probably focus mostly on reproduction in ag animals, but we hope to expand it and include other animals too for those interested.

Emergency and Critical Care Society - SVECCS

The purpose of this club is to educate and inform students about emergency and critical care medicine. This includes CPR, management of an ICU and triage of critical animals. (large and small) Members enjoy participating in hands-on labs, as well as opportunities to network with local professionals in the field.

International Veterinary Student Association - IVSA

This club strives to promote the international application of veterinary skills, education and knowledge by connecting our students with other veterinary students and veterinarians around the world by organizing guest lectures and international exchanges/internships/research with universities and veterinary programs all over the world.


The objective of this club is to provide additional information and resources for veterinary students interested in animal nutrition. Students will be able to network in the field and receive supplemental information for Large, Small and Exotic animal nutrition.

Preventive Health Clinic

This club was designed to provide preventive health care for veterinary students that have animals (cats and dogs) since we lack a teaching hospital. Each semester, we throw a student-run clinic to examine and treat our pets. Besides getting low cost preventive care for your animals, you get amazing hands on experience with doing physical exams, drawing blood, administering vaccinations, and writing a medical record. (You get to be the vet!) Additionally, this semester, the club will also host some informative lectures and labs on preventive health topics.

Shelter Medicine

Students learn about the specifics of shelter medicine through participation in surgeries, visits to animal sanctuaries and shelters, and attending lectures about animal behavior. Students assist and perform canine and feline neuters within the Salt Lake City County Animal Services. This club organizes an annual trip to Best Friend’s Sanctuary in Kanab, UT for the members. Also, most members register as volunteers and fosters for our local Cache Humane Society.

American Association of Equine Practitioners - AAEP

As students of veterinary medicine, we strive to expand our knowledge of equine health and welfare, grow our potential as future practitioners with service projects that also make positive and lasting impacts in our community. The core values for this club are education, service and community.

Zoo, Exotic, and Wildlife - ZEW

The purpose of ZEW Club shall be to provide current veterinary students attending USU’s College of Veterinary Medicine interested in zoo, exotics, and/or wildlife medicine an opportunity to learn more about those areas of medicine past what is learned in the standard curriculum. We seek to provide students with hands on opportunities and contacts with veterinarians currently in the profession.

USU Significant Others of WIMU Students - USU S.O.

The purpose of this club is to build an environment of networking, learning and camaraderie among the supporting individuals of the veterinary students to provide encouragement and continual support to the attending CVM students.

Surgery Club

The purpose of the Surgery Club is to provide educational opportunities to veterinary students who want to expand their knowledge of surgical techniques and procedures.

Veterinary Business Management Association - VBMA

The Veterinary Business Management Association is a student-driven organization dedicated to advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals. As a club, we plan to have many businesses, entrepreneurs, veterinarians, etc. come and talk to us about being successful in our veterinary business careers. Through the VBMA members can also earn a Business Certificate, which is recognized at graduation with cords and notation on transcript and diploma. There are also externship and national meeting opportunities associated with the VBMA.

Sports Medicine and Orthopedic

This club aims to provide students exposure to the various sports available to canine and equine species along with medical, surgical and rehabilitative practices that encompass them. The club reaches out to community sporting events to develop a knowledge of the medical needs of each sport. The club also invites practitioners with experience in sports medicine, orthopedics and rehabilitation to share their experience in this career with club members. Finally, the club has routine video conference calls with the WSU Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Club to discuss case reports from practitioners at the veterinary teaching hospital.