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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are paid to Utah State University for the first two years and to Washington State University for years three and four. Tuition, fees, and other charges are subject to change by the action of the various legislative bodies. Therefore, the information presented here, although current, should be considered only as an estimate.

Yearly Expenses for 2022-2023

Resident tuition (Utah)a $26,774 + Student Feesc
Nonresident tuition w/ tuition waiverb $50,628 + Student Feesc
Nonresident tuition w/out tuition waivera $62,378 + Student Feesc

a) Tuition may increase in subsequent years as determined by the state legislature. Utah residents pay resident tuition for all four years and nonresidents pay non-resident tuition with the automatic tuition waiver for all four years. Resident and non-resident subsidies provided by the USU SVM and Utah State Legislature are for 8 semesters. If additional semesters are needed to graduate, tuition costs for those extra semesters may be at the full non-resident rates.
b) USU will provide an $11,750/year tuition waiver for non-sponsored, non-resident students for all four years of the veterinary program. Non-resident students will not be able to change their residency after they are accepted into the program.
c) 2022-23 USU student fees are $917.54/year. 

Total expenses for students will be greater than indicated above due to the cost of other necessary items such as books and supplies, and living expenses such as food and rent. 

Financial Aid

Adequate financing for the professional program is essential. Further information on available financial aid can be obtained from the USU Financial Aid Office.

Applicants should submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) no later than Feb.15 for priority consideration. Make sure to select USU and WSU as the schools that your report should be sent to in order to guarantee consideration for financial aid if admitted. WICHE and nonresident applicants also need to make sure reports are provided to USU in order to be considered for financial aid.