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Vetmed Students

Internal Student Website

This portion of the website is a protected internal site for current students attending the WIMU Regional Program in Veterinary Medicine at Logan. The purpose of this site is to provide resources and information that students use on a regular basis.


A group username and password are used to access this section. Some portiions of this site are deemed sensitive or confidential, which is why this section is password protected. The password will be changed periodically throughout the academic year. Please do not share these credentials with individuals outside our immediate/local program. Students will be notified by the Office of Student Service of pending changes to these credentials.

Codes are case sensitive and are currently set to:

  • USERNAME: Student
  • PASSWORD: AggieBlue

Events Calendar

The SVM Events Calendar is the means by which students and faculty can identify, promote, and reserve space/time for special events such as club meetings, presentations, conferences, etc.

The SVM Events Calendar is a google based scheduling calendar. At this time, each student, faculty, and staff member have access to add and edit events on this calendar. If you currently have or use multiple google based calendars, please be careful to not add personal dates to the SVM Events Calendar, nor mistakenly remove events that other groups have posted.

Use of SVM specific resources is on a first come first serve basis, so the use of this calendar is essential as you plan your activities that are not part of the normal curriculum. Individuals or organizations that have completed the following procedures will have priority use of rooms and equipment over groups not following these procedures. An appropriate and professional attitude and demeanor are expected at all times with respects to the reserving and use of SVM resources.

1. Identify a suitable date and time for your event that does not conflict with scheduled courses.
2. To schedule rooms other than VSB 213, contact and make a room reservation. For VSB 213, this calendar serves as the official reservation calendar for events outside of normally scheduled classes.
3. Go to the Events Calendar and (at a minimum) list the following information about your event:
a. Name of Event
b. Name of Contact Person
c. Location
d. Short Description
e. Start/End Times

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