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Academic Calendar

The USU SVM follows the WSU academic calendar and bell schedule, not the USU general academic calendar, nor their bell schedule. The reason for doing this is to align our academic schedules and courses throughout our program's various time zones and sites so that the opportunity for interactive video conferencing between specific classes and club events can occur.

Fall Academic Schedule 2017

  • Aug. 11: Orientation at USU
  • Aug. 13-18: COLE
  • Aug. 21: First Day of Classes
  • Sep. 04: Labor Day Holiday
  • Oct. 09-13: Diagnostic Challenge 1 (2nd year only)
  • Nov. 10: Veteran's Day Holiday (observed)
  • Nov. 12-18: Diagnostic Challenge 2 (2nd year only)
  • Nov. 20-24: Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Dec. 08: Last Day of Instruction
  • Dec. 11-15: Final Exam Week
  • Dec. 18 - Jan. 07: Christmas Break

Spring Academic Schedule 2018

  • Jan. 08: First Day of Classes
  • Jan. 15: Martin Luther King Holiday
  • Feb. 19: President's Day Holiday
  • Mar. 12-16: Spring Break
  • Apr. 27: Last Day of Instruction
  • Apr. 30 - May 04: Final Exam Week
  • May 05 - Aug. 19: Summer Break

Course/Exam Schedules

The class schedules listed in Banner are not necessarily accurate and should not be followed. The reason for this is that we reserve extra classroom space and time to enable the type of rotating schedule that occurs in the second year of the curriculum, and the flexibility to shift schedules around to meet differing bell schedules and time zones as outlined above. The OSS will provide the actual course schedules for each semester, which comes following a joint meeting with all faculty teaching in the program. These curriculum and course alignment meetings with faculty occur typically in July for the Fall Semester, and in late October for the Spring Semester. Therefore, if you are needing to make plans and arrangements prior to the release of the 'actual' schedule, you may use the previous year's schedule as a guide, though be aware that minor changes in the schedule occur frequently even after posting, and major changes in the schedule can occur between years, though rarely after the posting of the schedule. You can verify that you have the most up to date version of the schedule by comparing the version dates. When an update is made to the schedule, the version changes to the format "ver. mm/dd/yy". Simply use the version of the schedule with the most current date.  

Year 1 Course Schedules

Year 2 Course Schedules

 Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Fall 2017 Spring 2018
YR1 - Fall Course Schedule  YR1 - Spring Course Schedule YR2 - Fall Course Schedule YR2 - Spring Course Schedule
YR1 - Fall Exam Schedule YR1 - Spring Exam Schedule YR2 - Fall Exam Schedule YR2 - Spring Exam Schedule