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In 2016, the College of Veterinary Medicine — then the School of Veterinary Medicine — established a biannual magazine to highlight the WIMU program at Logan.

Veterinary Mysteries

Solve a veterinary mystery based on a real Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory case with Dr. Jane Kelly. A new mystery is released with each Veterinary Medicine issue.
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Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Mystery Case

A 10-month-old hen is submitted for necropsy. She is from a small flock of backyard chickens, five birds in total. Clinical signs noted by the owner include limping on the left leg, drooping of the left wing, and she had been off food and drink for 10 day...

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Recent Issues

Winter 2023 Veterinary Medicine

The USU College of Veterinary Medicine magazine highlights the college's achievements and community. Inside, you'll find stories about faculty, students, alumni, and the college's impact on animal health.

Spring 2023 Veterinary Medicine

This is an exciting time for the Utah State University College of Veterinary Medicine. In 2022, we marked 10 years of participation in the Washington-Idaho-Montana-Utah (WIMU) Regional Program in Veterinary Medicine. The Utah Legislature also approved fun...

Winter 2022 Veterinary Medicine

Welcoming the 10th incoming class of future veterinarians at USU in the Washington-Idaho-Montana-Utah Regional Program in Veterinary Medicine; practitioners in Utah share some of the lessons they have learned during the pandemic.

Spring 2020 Veterinary Medicine

This issue focuses on wellness and resilience for veterinary medical professionals, including stories of alumni and friends of the school and how challenges have shaped their professional and personal lives.

Summer 2018 Veterinary Medicine

This issue looks at the important roles veterinarians play in times of disaster, and the people and activities in USU's School of Veterinary Medicine.

Fall 2017 Veterinary Medicine

Vet med students gain experience alongside veterinarians who care for teaching and research animals at Utah State University's Animal Science Farm; Students on foal watch; Help for improving communication with clients

Fall 2016 Veterinary Medicine

Overcoming compassion fatigue; veterinary oncology; equine therapy for military veterans and their families; our first class of DVM graduates.