College of Veterinary Medicine Marketing Resources

Download USU College of Veterinary Medicine logos, wordmarks, stationary, and PowerPoint templates below.

Note that USU marketing materials must be used in compliance with Utah State University Marketing & Communications brand standards. Logos, college seals, and wordmarks may not be modified in any way or used on a red background, and areas of isolation must be maintained around these symbols to preserve their integrity. College seals are for formal occasions only, such as awards, commencement, formal invitations, and ceremonial documents. Merchandise that bears Utah State logos or wordmarks must be ordered through a licensed vendor, and brand standards may not be circumvented by ordering through a third-party vendor. Do not use USU logos from old documents or sites such as Google Images as they may not be current.

More information on USU brand standards is found on the University Marketing and Communications website and specifically the logos page. Please review these standards carefully before using any USU logos, wordmarks, college seals, or similar materials.

Logos and Wordmarks

College of Veterinary Medicine logo

Stationary and Slides

College Seals

College of Veterinary Medicine seal