Admission Requirements

Prior to applying, the potential applicant must have a VCLS faculty member agree to allow them into their laboratory and be their major (supervisory) professor. Applications are processed when we receive them and are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Contact Rebekah Pratt with questions.  

General Requirements

All prospective graduate students must apply through the School of Graduate Studies and comply with requirements set forth by the USU School of Graduate Studies, as well as the following:

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School of Graduate Studies

Criteria for Admission

  1. Documents required include the following: 
    1. Completed Application for Admission Form including a statement of interest 
    2. Official transcripts of all college and university course work of the applicant. 
    3. At least 3 letters of recommendation. 
    4. International applicants must also submit: 
      1. International applicants from non-English speaking countries must provide evidence of a minimum score of 213 on the computer-based TOEFL examination or 79 on the internet-based test, a score of 6 or higher on the IELTS or 53 on the PTE. Applicants who fail to achieve a passible score are required to take the English Language Placement Test as given by the Intensive English Language Institute at USU. The results of the test place applicants into 1 of 3 categories; (1) full-time study of English (Intensive English Program), (2) a combination of English language study and academic study, or (3) full-time academic studies. Full-time category requires a score of 6.0. See SGS requirements
      2. Financial certification and a financial guarantee statement. 
  2. Desired standards of performance and background for acceptance as a matriculated graduate student: 
    1. A grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale), with primary consideration on the last 60 semester credits of the most recent degree program and the quality of the program. 
    2. Three letters of recommendation. 
    3. The applicant for a graduate program in the CVM should have completed a BS undergraduate program that includes the following science courses and their prerequisites or equivalent courses: BIOL 1610 (Biology I) and 1620 (Biology II) or their equivalents; basic courses in inorganic and organic chemistry (such as CHEM 1210 (Principles of Chemistry), CHEM 1220 (Chemical Principles Laboratory I), CHEM 1220 (Principles of Chemistry II and 1225 (Chemical Principles Laboratory II) or their equivalents; MATH 1050 or STAT 2000 (Statistical Methods) or their equivalents. 
    4. Applicants with deficiencies in these areas may be admitted to a graduate program of study subject to the completion of remedial coursework specified by the GPC and the Department Head. Other preparatory courses may be specified by the student's Supervisory Committee. The student must receive a grade B or higher in each of these courses. Remedial courses cannot be listed as credit courses required for the student’s Program of Study. Additionally, a nontraditional  graduate student (has received a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in a field other than Biology or Animal, Dairy or Veterinary Science) with adequate GPA score and recommendations, may be asked to take additional courses. It will be the responsibility of the Supervisory Committee to develop a program of study that will adequately compensate for areas of deficiency. The student must receive a grade of B or higher in each of these courses. 
    5. International applicants from non-English speaking countries must meet the English requirement as set by SGS.   
    6. Again, before an applicant can be admitted as a matriculated student, a CVM faculty member must agree to serve as his/her Major Professor. The Major Professor must be a member of the Graduate Faculty. 

Credit Requirements

BS to MS degree requires a minimum of 30 credit hours 
BS to PhD degree requires a minimum of 70 credit hours 
MS to PhD degree requires a minimum of 42 credit hours 
DVM to PhD degree requires a minimum of 42 credit hours