Community Outreach

The College of Veterinary Medicine works with clinics and practitioners in Utah and beyond to provide hands-on clinical learning to students in their fourth year of the program. While this distributive model means that Utah State University does not have its own animal hospital, it also lets students graduate from the program with experience in clinics across the region, and it provides unique opportunities for community collaboration.

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Finding Care for Your Animal

The College of Veterinary Medicine does not provide clinical services to the public. Because the college partners with clinics and veterinarians to provide learning experiences instead of maintaining its own animal hospital, it does not have a facility for offering services to the public. However, the Utah Veterinary Medical Association maintains a hospital directory that can be used to find veterinary services near you.

UVMA Hospital Finder
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How to Partner With the College of Veterinary Medicine

The college’s partnerships with practitioners and clinics play a pivotal role in student success. Students gain invaluable experience that will shape their careers forever, while affiliated veterinary instructional partners (AVIPs) get the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the profession by instructing and mentoring future veterinarians. Remuneration is provided to partners that host students.

Become an AVIP
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Willed Body Program

Established in 2012, the college’s willed body program is an opportunity for pets and other animals to contribute to veterinary education and animal welfare after they pass away. Canine, feline, or large animal donations will be respectfully used for educational purposes on the Logan campus.

Owners interested in donating to the program are encouraged to contact the following people:

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Mountainlands Veterinary Summit 

Utah State University College of Veterinary Medicine and the Utah Veterinary Medical Association welcome you to the Mountainlands Utah Veterinary Summit to be held on October 18th – 20th, 2024, on the Utah State University Logan campus.

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