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Affiliated veterinary instructional partners (AVIPs) contribute to the clinical education of students at Utah State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, and they are evaluated prior to hosting student rotations by the college’s committee on clinical instruction. The evaluation process is intended to ensure all potential student clinical experiences meet the college’s expectations for high-quality education. The following guidelines are provided to assist preceptors (practitioners) and sites (clinics) in determining their eligibility.

As AVIPs with the College of Veterinary Medicine, preceptors and sites are required to:

  • Provide students with access to clinical experience in the instructional partner’s practice that includes reasonable safety measures.
  • Assist students in becoming competent, capable, conscientious, compassionate, and confident members of the veterinary profession.
  • Mentor students by example through professional interactions with colleagues, staff, and clients.
  • Request, require, or allow students to participate only in activities for which they are qualified and can legally perform.
  • Provide opportunities for student participation in clinical decision-making; guide student development in clinical reasoning, diagnosis, and patient management; supervise student involvement in patient care, diagnosis, and treatment; and guide students in development of comprehensive medical record skills.
  • Provide objective and subjective student assessment and feedback to gauge knowledge, skills, ability, and competency based on objective criteria to be set forth by the CVM.
  • Maintain compliance with pertinent university, state, and federal regulations regarding students (FERPA, HIPPA, OSHA, etc.).
  • Be familiar with the CVM curriculum and AVMA Council on Education (COE) accreditation standards (available at
  • Complete regular training and orientation as required by the CVM

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Remuneration: Our AVIPs will receive a professional fee and site overhead allocation for hosting students. The amount will be determined upon consideration. If you have any questions, please contact:

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